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Angular Breadcrumb - Customisation

Emily Taylor

angular-crumbs is an open-source module that includes a BreadcrumbComponent that is driven from router config, and a BreadcrumbService for setting crumbs dynamically for a route.

For how-to guides see angular-crumbs installation and getting started

The breadcrumb component sets no styling limitations. It can be used by itself


Or it can be customised to work with a styling framework. Customising the breadcrumb template is done by transcluding your own layout, e.g. a bootstrap breadcrumb template may look like

<breadcrumb #parent>
    <ol class="breadcrumb">
        <ng-template ngFor let-route [ngForOf]="parent.breadcrumbs">
            <li *ngIf="!route.terminal" class="breadcrumb-item">
                <a href="" [routerLink]="[route.url]">{{ route.displayName }}</a>
            <li *ngIf="route.terminal" class="breadcrumb-item active" aria-current="page">{{ route.displayName }}</li>

Live Angular 6 examples are now up, demonstrating usages with:

bootstrap with angular-crumbs

Breadcrumb Demo (bootstrap)

primeng with angular-crumbs

Breadcrumb Demo (primeng)

@angular/material with angular-crumbs

Breadcrumb Demo (material)